Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up as a free agent?

Yes, free agents are welcomed to join tournaments and will be place on a team of free agents.

Do you run leagues or any other events?

As of right now ZonePlay Sports is strictly tournaments.

Will a discount be given for referring other teams?

Yes. If you refer another player that signs up a team your team will be given a discount.

What is the max players I can have on a team?

12 players is the maximum for each team.

Are referee cost included in registration?

Yes, all referee costs will be included in your registration cost.

How does the point system work for each tournament?

Depending on where a team places in each tournament, they will be given points graded from 1-8. The better a team does in the tournament the more points they will receive. The top 8 teams according to points will go to the 'elite 8' tournament. Another way to automatically qualify for the 'elite 8' tournament will be to win one of the 3 tournaments ZonePlay will be hosting prior to the final $3K tournament.

How do I register for a tournament?

Once you have visited the website you can simply click on a tournament of your choice.

What are the age restrictions on the tournaments?

Each player must be 18 years of age by the date of the tournament.

How do tiebreakers go in regards to 'Elite 8' seeding?

1st tiebreaker is points scored. 2nd tiebreaker is points given up. 3rd tiebreaker is head-to-head.

What is the refund policy?

Each player/participant shall be granted a 50% refund up until one week prior to the start of each tournament.

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